Founder/ Director

Mama of 3, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Author and Kindness activist. 


As a sensitive child and young adult, I suffered from extreme anxiety.  It took years of exploration, study and suffering to begin to understand that the key to my own happiness was inside of me.  This happiness was beyond immediate circumstance and in my own power to access.  I learned that by supporting my own compassion and self kindness I could shift myself to joyfulness.  That sense of peace and joyfulness amplified when I helped in the world, creating a potent positive force for change.


My book Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change released in 2017

both hard cover/ Audible shares these simple tools of how to change your own life while simultaneously helping others.

This organization is to help support you and others to do simple kind acts each day to help yourself while helping the world.  


As a mother, teacher and citizen I share these tested tools to create Joy, Growth and Freedom join me on my personal website for more tools.

What is Fierce Kindness to me?

"Fierce Kindness is the simple act of shifting yourself out of a reactive and fear based cycle to cultivate bigger picture clarity in your life.  In my experience this is one of the most challenging things to do to sort out your own thoughts/feelings and get to the heart of compassion.  It is compassion that gives you the essential clarity to create positive change.  I see this as the deepest form of self love or Metta. 


I have also learned that one of the greatest healing and positive propelling acts is to help another in need- to be kind.  Selfless service in helping another or Seva.


Fierce Kindness is the most potent recipe of Metta and Seva.  Help yourself, help others.  Help others, help yourself.  I simple act of kindness can change the course of a life.

Thank you for joining me in Fierce Kindness."