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The C-Change Curriculum is a leadership and nonviolence immersion that creates a comprehensive, experiential exploration of the tools of Fierce Kindness (Compassion, Core Vision, Courage, Consistency, Confidence and Community Leadership).  These group based, science backed, age-appropriate practical teachings help move a fixed/ negative mindset to possibility/ positive one and inspire community leaders in the world.  


The C-Change Curriculum Tracks


1) Children 6-12, 13-18yr 

2) Adults 18+


The C-Change Curriculum Live Schedule Time Breakdown(s):


  • One Day Workshop (2-3 hrs)

  • Six Week- Weekly workshop 

  • Two Day Retreat (2 (5/6hr) days)

  • One Week- daily immersion (5day) 

Each Session includes Theory/Psychology, Practical Tools, Exercises and Take Away.


“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dalai Lama

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