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Online workshops sometimes called webinars where I am student focused, we can learn, experience and interact in real time on a zoom video call.  All you need is a device!  Once you sign up, the workshop link will be sent to you by email.

May 2022-2023

MelWell Online (*some in-person available) | 365 Thrive Transformational Journey (12 months)

LIVE VIRTUAL Starts Tuesday May 31st 5:30-8pm runs weekly until May 2023

More info here

Now is the time to live your ideal life.

Join Mel and a special group of friends in a 365 day deep dive into whole being transformation.

This dynamic coaching group will practice and implement physical, mental and energetic ancient (yet practical) healing yogic and ayurvedic practices.

Each week will inspire a shift of a new life changing micro habit to support each individual in reaching their own personal health and soul goals. The container of a full magical year will ensure profound results and without a doubt be a transformation of a lifetime.

-Go from exhausted to renewed.

-Irritable to calm and clear.

-Overwhelmed to focused and organized.

-Shift the habit that is daunting you and that no longer serves you. Stop or reduce alcohol? Gluten? Sugar? Compulsive Shopping? Fill in the blank_____

-Create greater abundance.

-Live with greater intention and joyful attention.

-Live in deeper alignment with your ideal body and life.

-Build and Cultivate Growth Minded Friendships and Community

One Year Journey Includes:

Weekly 2 hour Virtual Dynamic Group Meetings (holiday weeks excluded), each meeting will include a habit theme, mindset and yogic philosophical exploration and healing yoga, pranayama and meditation practice.

Monthly 30 minute Virtual Private Session with Mel, get kind, practical and individual support for your unique journey.

Quarterly In person (with live stream and recorded option) Special Sessions 

Special Guest Pop up talks on various healing practices (virtual and recorded for ondemand)

Ongoing Partner Mentoring (when we mentor we integrate deeper and support each other being accountable)

Access to the MelWell On Demand Class Library (130+ classes and tutorials)

Access to the Private Classroom Forum for content support, questions and group sharing.

Unlimited OnDemand Access to the Livestream Weekly Practice and Coaching Sessions

Surprise Special Bonuses to delight all year through.

Our habits become us and we will explore keystone yogic habits to support:

-Improved Digestion, Detox and how to be deeply nourished.

-Improve Sleep by Working with nature's rhythms to deepen restoration.

-Boost all longevity functions; immunity, hormone and digestion.

-Living in alignment with your heart's calling and purpose.

-Creating harmony in your relationships, love, family and community.

-Unlocking your creative potential.

-Awaken the energy healer inside you and learn to share it with the world.

-Living in harmony with the natural world, seasons and moon cycles.

-Enjoy the love, friendship and joy of being in a like minded yogic community.

And more.


First Quarter Group Starts on the New Moon Tuesday May 31st 5:30-8pm

Following sessions will alternate between Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm and a Saturday early morning (7-9am). 

Please note, May 31st round is our pilot group and is an introductory offer. The following rounds will increase in price as the journey grows.

First Quarter Group Limited to 11 Participants.

Journey Payment is requested in an one time payment to help you as a student have full commitment for your own benefit. When you are a hell yes, the universe and all its resources rise up to meet you

I, we and you need you to be ALL in and ready to truly make the changes and live the life you dream of and deserve.

Next Round Starts Saturday August 27th

Not sure if this program is for you?

Call, text or email Mel directly for a free and easy consultation. 510 332 7297



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