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It has been studied and proven the profound benefits of immersing into a new environment to create wellness, to shift habits to heal your mind and body.  Let's get away together!

July 2020

The Luminary Farm Danville, CA 

July 17th Friday thru Sunday, July 19th, 2020

Freeing The Flow; Joy and Inspiration Practices with Mel and Jenni Wendell

Freeing The Flow; Joy and Inspiration Practices

3-day Weekend Retreat

Free your flow with healing joy and creative inspiration.  Join Jenni and Mel for a weekend at the magical Luminary Farm for connection and practices to open your deepest channel of creativity and inspiration.  Explore yoga movement, Theta Healing Meditation, Somatic Creative Explorations, Floating Salt Water Sound Baths and delicious food on this sacred special land. 


This three (3) day retreat will be held on the sacred land of The Luminary Farm in magnificent hills of Northern California.  Each day will include Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Inquiry, Energy healing, Sound healing and Sacred Group Exploration to deepen your connection with your highest, wisest self.  


We encourage you to stay on the land at The Luminary Farm and you are also welcome to stay offsite and join us for our workshop hours which will include time to enjoy the sacred land.  During the three days you will have access to warm saltwater pool, mountain trails, beautiful grounds for explorations as well as high vibe organic vegetarian meals and snacks to support you in joyful abundance.

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