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20 days of Sharing Fierce Kindness

Give a little love, a little praise, a little thanks!

Join the 20 Days of Sharing Fierce Kindness Community Initiative

November 3-22

One small act of Kindness can change a life—or even the world.

Jot down one expression of gratitude, affirmation or inspiration each day to be a positive force for change in the world. It’s as easy as a penning a line or two expressing thanks to someone who has encouraged you, or jotting a note to buoy the confidence of someone you care about—or even yourself.  That’s our plan during 20 days in November, and we want you to Share YOUR Fierce Kindness with us.  

Here’s how:  First: Join us by writing and sending one card a day. It doesn’t have to be a well-written essay a simple line or two can have a profoundly positive effect on someone! Then: Before popping your missive into the mailbox, share the card and with us on Instagram between November 3 and November 22—Thanksgiving. 

We are so excited to see the ripple effect!

In case you feel stuck, here’s a suggestion for each day of the challenge, but of course, you’re free to send whatever missives of kindness fit your life.  We’re excited to be together on this mission to simply and powerfully make a difference.

Day 1 Write a postcard to someone who does an important job but doesn’t get enough appreciation—like the garbage collector.

Day 2 Write to your sibling—or someone who has been like a sibling to you—about a favorite memory of you together.

Day 3 Write to your boss or coworker, noting a few things that you appreciate about them.

Day 4 Write a letter to your past self, forgiving yourself for a mistake you made.

Day 5 Write out the two most inspirational qualities of your favorite teacher and send it to them, or keep it on your mirror as inspiration.

Day 6 Draw a picture of you and your best friend in crayon laughing and doing your favorite activity together.

Day 7 Write a random love note or note of inspiration to someone who is a good citizen or you seeing out in the world being kind.

Day 8 Write to a friend who is having a hard time and offer to bring them dinner, or just offer kind words.

Day 9 Send a gratitude postcard to your doctor.

Day 10 Write a thank you note to the author of your favorite book and tell them how much it means to you. 

Day 11 Share an inspirational quote with someone who is kind to you out in the world or gives to you without expectation of return.

Day 12 Send a thank you note to your best friend, for just being in your life.

Day 13 Write a random note of gratitude and affirmation to someone you admire.

Day 14 Send a postcard of thanks and encouragement to the firefighters at your local firehouse.

Day 15 Write a note to one of your representatives thanking them for their service, or urging them to take action on something that’s important to you. 

Day 16 Write out a note of encouragement for a local homeless person and give it to them along with a bag of travel toiletries and essentials.

Day 17 Write your favorite quote or inspirational saying and leave in a strategic place for someone to find to brighten their day.

Day 18 Write a letter to your ancestors, thanking them for all they taught you. Tell them something about your life that would knock their socks off!

Day 19 Write a note of gratitude to those who work at a charity helping those with issues close to your heart. If you can, include a donation or a pledge to help!

Day 20 Write 20 things that you are grateful for, give to your host or hostess for Thanksgiving or place in a prominent place in your home to remind you for the rest of the month.

Let me know how it goes!!


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