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Be IN the experience (with us) Dec 13-15th

Join me and the wonderful Jenni Wendell at The Luminary Farm for a magical holiday respite.

This 3 day retreat will be deeply nourishing, connected and joyful time. Connection with self, like-minded others and the land in a potent experiential way. We will take time to feel through all of our senses waking the bodies innate wisdom to rejuvenate and transform.

Multiple potent movement explorations (including yoga), Theta Healing Meditations, Sound Healing(s) including a powerful salt water floating Sound Bath as well connect over intentional high vibe organic plant based meals and inspired conversation.

Come stay on the land or join us as a commuter for daily participation.

Please don't hesitate to DM with any questions.

If you hear this heart call, please sign up today as spots are limited.

Sending love and gratitude,

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