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Holidays Schmolidaze- we got this.

Earlier in the week I had a lovely time discussing strategies for beating the holiday overwhelm with Seattle's favorite radio talk show host Vicki St. Clair. Here are some ways to beat the holiday craze.

The first featured guest is Dr. Frey is fantastic (read more about him directly below) and around the half way mark I am the second featured guest. Check it out (link to listen below info pix)

Listen Here:

Among the strategies we discuss here is a couple of my favorites:

PB and A

PAUSE (wherever you are stop and feel your feet or seat) BREATH (slow your breath down so you can feel, check in)

and APPRECIATE (to reset look for the love in the situation, the kindness or good beyond the immediate fear or stressor. see the big big love picture)

also be ACCOUNTABLE (where are you pushing, where are you living in expectation and can you let go of that? where are you taking things personal and they don't have anything to do with you?)

Then reset, repeat until you reset and create space for easeful presence.

Practice NOthing

SAY NO to anything that is not a hell yes (creating time for space to feel and true presence)

NOthing Days block out and book days of no plans to cultivate, catch up and create self-care (Vicki shared that she blocks out intentional NOthing days and color codes them as pink on her calendar! I love that.)

What are some strategies to beat overwhelm and truly feel the holiday cheer? Please share them in the comments as I would love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays!


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