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Solstice Chakra Kriya Meditation

Join me TONIGHT December 21st 6-7pm

On this very potent Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn converge, it is an auspicious time to get quiet, feel your heart, feel the heart of the universe within you and create peace.

I will lead a Kriya session and Chakra Meditation 6-7pm where we will gently clear out held frustration, anger and grief and move with love, light and breath through our chakra system to reset and nourish.

I hope you join me.

It is accessible through The Classroom Studio as a part of my monthly membership and if you are not a current member, follow the sign up link here:

Once signed into The Classroom, just go into the membership or if a one time purchase,

go to EVENTS and join at 6pm when it is lit.

In my reading this morning this spoke to me by The Power Path, Lena Stevens:

"As a shaman once said, it is way more important how you end things than how you begin them. We are approaching the ending of a cycle. How we end it will lay the fertile ground for how we begin the new one. If you end in anger, resentment, disappointment and great negativity, you will carry those energies into the new cycle. If you end with great gratitude for your life and all that has been included in your grand adventure, you will take that enthusiasm and inspiration into the new cycle. This is a transition and a good time to honor any transition in your life.

"...This is where weaving a new reality gets anchored so we can all begin to point our compass in a new direction. The next months and years will begin to manifest what we dream up at this time. Discipline is crucial and honoring this solstice in some way is extremely important." I hope you join me this evening and if not live on archive (available after session once registered).

Sending you much love and gratitude to you,

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