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Stop, drop and give me ten.

Stop, drop and give me ten breaths that is.

It really can be that simple as counting to ten. Shifting out of a scattered state of mind to a more anchored one is easy and totally actionable. Counting to ten on the in and out breath is a basic tool that lasts the test of time and many locations.

Start by simply stopping wherever you are and sitting down or simple standing upright with your feet firmly planted straight ahead.

Stop and be still.

Drop in by feeling your feet on the ground and if seated your butt on whatever surface. Drop your belly with a full deliberate inhalation.

Begin to count:

Slow inhalation ONE 1

Slow exhalation TWO 2

Slow inhalation THREE 3

Slow exhalation FOUR 4

Slow inhalation FIVE 5

Slow exhalation SIX 6

Slow inhalation SEVEN 7

Slow exhalation EIGHT 8

Slow inhalation NINE 9

Slow exhalation TEN 10

From this place continue full slow breaths and inquire:

What do I need right now?

What is truly important right now?

Transition with an affirmation and counting a blessing.


I am enough. I have everything I need. I am thankful for my life.

Till next time, with love and fierce kindness,


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