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Strategies to LOVE the holidays with Conversations Live with Vicki St Clair

Join me with the wonderful Vicki St Clair on Seattle's KKNW at 12:30pm TODAY in exploring ways to stay grounded and grateful during this busy holiday season.

Conversations Live with Vicki St Clair

Talk Radio to Inspire, Inform, Stimulate.

Listen Here:

As author, teacher and mom of 3 young boys I totally get the holiday frenzy AND I purposefully create specific boundaries around the time so I can be full of presence.

One way I do this is by only saying yes to the HELL yeses and I say lovingly NO to all other engagements/ obligations to leave ample room to be present. I book into my calendar days of NOthing to help create space. It feels great to be booked out of all things other than the natural flow of family time with my kids and husband.

When I am present to my own needs and complex feelings then I can be truly present to those that I love around me.

My presence is indeed my greatest present.

I hope you enjoy us LIVE or the recording and let me know what you think. How do you thrive during the holidays?


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