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Author's Note:

"I wrote Y2SI; my 3rd book to empower regular people like me, like you, to tune into your innate wisdom and ignite your own healing capabilities.


It wasn’t too long ago, I had three kids under six, one a newborn, I was looking to heal from major imbalances including an autoimmune disease.


I know what it is like to wake up already exhausted, feel overwhelmed- mom, wife, homemaker- with full-time career, so accomplished, yet struggling for clarity on how to take care and be well.


This book is unique as it addresses daily habits; how you think, move and breath within the framework of yoga practice. It guides you to self-prescribe the support you need, with step-by-step tools to integrate and layer as you progress, it also educates you on the why, scientifically it will make a difference to create inspired clarity for healing.


These practices are for everyone to support immune function, increase calm, reduce inflammation and pain, enhance mental clarity and to simply be more vibrant.


We are at a pivotal time in history, a perfect time for you to step into your personal power to create peace, resilience, clarity from joy.

Heal yourself, heal the world."

-Melanie Salvatore-August, May 14th 2021



YOGA to Support Immunity

Mind, Body, Breathing Guide to Whole Health

#1 Amazon New Release in Preventative Medicine 

Yoga to Support Immunity is to empower everyday people to use yoga daily habits to boost immunity, longevity functions and just simply be happier.


Praise for Yoga to Support Immunity...


“As physicians, we are deeply trained in the scientific method and critical analytical thinking as we approach patients and clinical situations. Practicing with Melanie Salvatore-August, I learned of deeper understandings in the realm of the experiential and intuitive yoga practice, a more subtle yet powerful approach to healing, but one that does not exclude our western medical knowledge. In the pages of Yoga to Support Immunity, Melanie teaches a deep wisdom of the body and life's energies that we can each understand and use for our growth and well-being. I will be drawing on these practices every day, they are a treasure.”

-Dr. Dale Poppert, MS. MD. FACEP

“In Yoga to Support Immunity, Melanie Salvatore-August has eloquently underlined the importance of all eight limbs of traditional Yoga practices. The book approaches healing and immunity from the lens of integration instead of isolation. That, in itself is the heart of Yoga. Melanie’s clear guidance backed up with personal experiences and the succinct writing will serve as a solid foundation for the readers and practitioners to get in touch with their body and explore a practice that is complete, effective, and approachable.”

 - Indu Arora, Teacher with a student’s mindset & Author - YOGA: Ancient Heritage Tomorrow’s Vision (2019)

“Over 20+ years of surgical practice, I have seen a clear relationship between how a patient feels (their perspective/outlook), and how they heal... so much so, that it’s one of my mantras: how you feel is how you heal.  The human body is complicated system of feedback loops… if we have a system to actively improve the patients mental outlook and feelings, we are going to see an optimized physiologic response during healing.  


This excellent book, Yoga to Support Immunity does that and is now available to patients to use as a reference to get themselves optimized for surgery.  As a doctor, my job is one-part technical, one-part humanities.  Reading Melanie Salvatore-August’s work was not only a welcome addition to our patient wellness portfolio, but also a wonderful confirmation that our vision of the slow flow practice for the future is on the right track.  Now Yoga to Support Immunity lives in a link our website as well as a QR code in our practice."
—Dr. Ali Sadrieh, Founder/Surgeon EVO Advanced Foot Surgery

“Yoga to Support Immunity; Mind, Body, Breathing Guide to Whole Health gives clarity and honesty into how important the power of the pause is. It shows us how we are able to move through breath and asana in our daily lives. Yoga and physical health go beyond our moments on the mat. Melanie Salvatore-August is able to spread her loving practice and yoga knowledge in a way that speaks to every human.”

-Morghan King, US Olympic Weightlifting Team

"This book is for anyone who wants to lovingly, persistently, and mindfully step forward into their best life. While Yoga to Support Immunity is certainly a powerful resource for wellness, recovery, and health, it is also a whole-life and spirit awakening that supports seekers to shine the light of their awareness into the nooks and crannies of daily living. Melanie Salvatore-August is a soul-whisper, cheerleader, and mama bear guide who irresistibly beckons you to make the practical real-life changes that will nourish your body and soul."

-Rachel Scott, Teacher| Author | MSc | MFA | ERYT 500 | YACEP

“Melanie Salvatore-August offers us a widening view of what it means to be resilient and well through bolstering our Immunity - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Her program in Yoga to Support Immunity, brings the ancient healing art of yoga to help us meet today’s complex challenges through supporting our own innate healing powers and expanding our wellbeing." 

-Jillian Pransky, Author of Deep Listening: A Healing Practice To Calm Your Body, Clear Your Mind, And Open Your Heart.

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